It doesn’t take a war to take a life

Anzac Day 2004, 9.15pm. I am sitting on the side of the bed in our house in Calwell contemplating getting an early night. The phone next to me rings. I pick it up and say hello, and hear my father’s voice. My memory now shifts to a view of myself sitting hunched over, head in my hands, […]

Melissa, it’s not finished yet

Melissa, I remember clearly standing here in the torrential rain, as we lowered your body into the ground to be buried and baptised at the same time. The bottomless ache and overwhelming senselessness were disregarded by a deluge somehow fitting for an ill-begotten time. We still remember, we still seek justice and I still fight […]

Justin finds his voice for justice

We’ve all had a chuckle or two at the Justin Bieber phenomenon and wondered how long it would last. I even thought of buying my son a Justin Bieber t-shirt as a tongue in cheek  joke. But listening to the radio today I noticed someone crooning about closing their eyes to pray for a better day […]

Politicians fail to deliver on asylum seeker policy

Check out some comment on the asylum seeker issue I’ve made on my other blog, Australian Christian Voter. Christians, along with just about every other section of the community, are divided about how best to respond to the arrival of refugees by boat. The politicians have no hope of coming up with cohesive policy because […]

Stolen people, a more human Kevin and a mysterious Julia

As Kevin Rudd looked back today on his term as Prime Minister, one of his key memories, related in his speech, was the day when he said sorry to the stolen generations. Facing the assembled media, he looked up beyond them and out across the grounds of Parliament House. He raised his arm and pointed, as if he […]

From Hughesy to Fielding and everything in between

There’s plenty happening at Australian Christian Voter. You can watch a good collection of political videos ranging from Dave Hughes trying to keep a straight face while convincing people to register through to Senator Stephen Fielding telling his life story. You’ll learn how Christians are lobbying hard at the seat of power and even get […]

Not enough justice for juvenile justice minister

Minister for Juvenile Justice Graham West was shocked when Father Chris Riley from Youth of the Streets rang him this week. Together they had worked successfully towards an innovative plan to build four bail houses to keep young offenders out of detention while they await trial. Mr West had fought hard to get agreement from his […]