Melissa, it’s not finished yet

I remember clearly standing here in the torrential rain, as we lowered your body into the ground to be buried and baptised at the same time.
The bottomless ache and overwhelming senselessness were disregarded by a deluge somehow fitting for an ill-begotten time.
We still remember, we still seek justice and I still fight murderers in my sleep. One day they will be vanquished. Until then…
Rest in His peace

22 thoughts on “Melissa, it’s not finished yet

        • I’ve noticed yourson Josiah is film producer .I’d say he made your vidiio clip for you about Melissa Obviously .which is very good doesn’t work for ABC does he .you don’t have to answer that. we’re you adopted by the same reverend eg,,,people as your sister Melissa

      • That’s my dad, he was thoroughly questioned. He’s sent letters to all the authorities and got the case reopened.

    • Was (?) The husband of Melissa hunt hallet .Scott hunt.questiond over this .was his alibi properly checked

      • He was questioned. I’m not sure even what his alibi was and if it was checked. We want justice for Melissa, and for my parents, and are still hoping for a breakthrough in this case.

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