The Presence of God

After community breakfast yesterday I visited the home of a friend, clambered over belongings 60cm deep and took in his joy at his painting on the wall. Earlier he had arrived late for breakfast but we unpacked again so we could chat while he munched on a large bowl of cereal. We prayed for his […]

‘My struggle with Struggle Street’ – Jon Owen

As soon as I heard about SBS’s Struggle Street I thought of Jon Owen, Minister-at-large, who has a long term commitment to Mt Druitt as part of Urban Neighbourhood of Hope (UNOH). Unlike the makers of this program, he lives within the community he works with, has local people coming and going from his family’s […]

What is love?

In the shadow of a Sydney public housing tower, light and love break out in a post-modern expression of ancient truth. The purely secular event, addressed at times by politicians of the left, fulfilled quite superbly the principle of the good Samaritan. Christians came, not with authority or position, but with that greatest of all […]

More than a label

I was walking in the sunshine at University of Sydney with my little grand daughter who needed a short break from church in the old Geology building. We came across a tree (pictured) with beautiful patterned bark, soft and flakey, and gentle spindly branches that were almost silhouetted against the blue sky. I laid my […]

Peace on earth, good will…

Peace on earth? Don’t tell me there’s a book, blog or documentary pope, priest or commentary that will make it alright Can’t yell me to believe in stronger  legislation better educate them to take away the fright I’m not going for no positive reinforcement expert’s free endorsement to mitigate the sight 22, Chenpeng children, kitchen-knife […]

Slowly, powerfully, turning the other cheek

“But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.” Jesus – Matthew 5:39 Turning the other cheek is easily misunderstood. The story is told of how the great Australian social reformer and evangelist, Rev Bob Hammond, was once confronted with this verse […]