Our national undertow surfaces


This morning I tweeted: ‘#AustraliaDay, like any anniversary arrives amidst strength & weakness, sorry & joy. These are acknowledged & we move on together #AusDayNSW’.

Later in the day Tony Abbott said something similar and the drama pictured (7 News) unfolded.

Australia Day must be a time we celebrate the nation we are and must be a time we acknowledge the loss and pain in our history.

Today some words were spoken, tempers stirred, and responses exaggerated.

This is nothing unusual in family gatherings where feelings run deep. And yet most families find the grace and maturity to walk away arm and arm. We must do the same.

We can’t change that we are here – black, white and many colours. We should not be ashamed that we are a remarkable nation and there is much to celebrate. We cannot hide that many have suffered and still suffer. Those who have suffered less should bear the burdens of those who have suffered more. And when the chance for healing comes, let’s embrace it.

Don’t worry about today, we’ll be ok.

Make up your own mind…

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