55 Days of Faith and Action

I’m putting together a devotional book based on a daily email I did in 2006 covering every verse of the book of James. This was a pivotal time for our community as we rediscovered God’s love for the lost and the least. Hopefully early copies of the book will be available by early March when we at Eternity run a conference called ChangeMakers.

James in the New Testament is often regarded as a tough book as it gives little in the way of ‘nice’ promises and plenty in the way of straight down the line challenge.

Beneath the surface though is a simple call to reject the cult of celebrity and greed that can ensnare our thinking and live a life of gentle respect for the poor, the rich and one another.

If you are interested in 55 Days of Faith and Action leave a comment or email me.

Here’s a snippet I came across while editing today:“I see three great strands of faith here that are a fullness we can live by too: 1. Personal faith for daily living, characterised by enduring prayer and a steadfast trust in God and his word. 2. Social faith impacting the world, characterised by care for the poor and a call for justice. 3. Supernatural faith, characterised by the gracious intervention of God to heal, deliver, provide, forgive and restore. Too often the church has camped in one corner or another but James moves comfortably between all three. This convergence is seen in Jesus, the early church and many manifestations of church over the centuries. It is also the prophetic call for the church and Christians today.” © Peter Hallett 2006

3 thoughts on “55 Days of Faith and Action

  1. I’ve chosen a format this time which will probably come out at about $30. It will have colour cover and some colour pics featuring people from the communities we share with. I’ll see how I go and maybe look at some other formats in future. Bit of trial and error first time round.

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