Oh and love yourself

‘I love you and you and you and you and me and you and you and me and you and you!’ Pointing at four of my grandchildren in turn and occasionally at myself for comic relief – it was a fun game with a happy message. ‘Funny Pa Pa, you love yourself?!’ said the oldest […]

Fine moments from a free breakfast

Brian*: ‘Oh, and I’ve found Jesus.’ Me: ‘Yeah? That’s great.’ Brian: ‘He was on the corner of Ross St and Pyrmont Bridge Road.’ Me: ‘Mmm, well that’s as good a place as any.’   * named changed for privacy Stories from the ‘sharing our lives’ community breakfast being held at the Booler Centre, Lambert St […]

Early morning thoughts on self

Self-centredness is a kind of blindness we all experience to some degree – the inability to look past ourselves and see others. Being true to yourself is best accomplished when self is illuminated by the love of God and enriched by a love for others.     Peter A Hallett

Love over information

It’s the information age and big data is going to save us and the more we know the higher we will rise, don’t you know? Or perhaps it’s just that we want to prove we know more than the next guy, that we are in the know, in style, across the game, up with the Joneses, not missing out. […]

Lord’s Prayer reveals divine priorities

Searching for ‘tweets’ in the writings of iconic Australian social reformer and evangelist Rev Robert Hammond, this comment stuck in my thinking: ‘The Lord’s Prayer does say: “And forgive us our debts,” but first it says “Give us this day our daily bread.”‘ In context, Hammond was suggesting before we worry about someone’s sin (wrongdoing), […]

Peace on earth, good will…

Peace on earth? Don’t tell me there’s a book, blog or documentary pope, priest or commentary that will make it alright Can’t yell me to believe in stronger  legislation better educate them to take away the fright I’m not going for no positive reinforcement expert’s free endorsement to mitigate the sight 22, Chenpeng children, kitchen-knife […]