Early morning thoughts on self

Self-centredness is a kind of blindness we all experience to some degree – the inability to look past ourselves and see others.

Being true to yourself is best accomplished when self is illuminated by the love of God and enriched by a love for others.



Peter A Hallett

One thought on “Early morning thoughts on self

  1. In response to the above, I was asked:
    Good one. Two Q’s, if I may:
    1.How is a person to connect to the ‘love of God’?, and
    2. What is the basis of an individual generating ‘love for others’?

    To which I replied:
    Mark 12:29-31. Loving God with all of ourselves is a command. Which means it is a decision, many decisions, a choice, a commitment. We are completely unable to fulfill this of course, and Jesus knows this, which is why he reaches out to us with grace and shares the resurrection power of his Spirit. Once caught up in God’s love there is hope we will be able to share this love with others and even learn to love ourselves. We are made in the image of God who is love and so we have that inclination to love and many with no knowledge of God know how to love but when this capacity is redeemed and enlivened by the Creator then we see the love that carried Jesus to and beyond the cross become possible in our own lives.

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