Oh and love yourself

‘I love you and you and you and you and me and you and you and me and you and you!’ Pointing at four of my grandchildren in turn and occasionally at myself for comic relief – it was a fun game with a happy message. ‘Funny Pa Pa, you love yourself?!’ said the oldest […]

Early morning thoughts on self

Self-centredness is a kind of blindness we all experience to some degree – the inability to look past ourselves and see others. Being true to yourself is best accomplished when self is illuminated by the love of God and enriched by a love for others.     Peter A Hallett

Love over information

It’s the information age and big data is going to save us and the more we know the higher we will rise, don’t you know? Or perhaps it’s just that we want to prove we know more than the next guy, that we are in the know, in style, across the game, up with the Joneses, not missing out. […]

Speechless of late

I know I’ve been speechless of late Without utterance It’s what happens when your ears are full Your mouth is empty And your heart is silence overflowing I still see things and wonder and create Small chains of ideas But the energy to bother has been cruelled Slipping through cracks And running down the dirty […]

If love is value, how do we make it real?

Sy Rogers is a Christian minister, married father and a man who lived as a woman for two years in preparation for a sex change operation. Around that time, as he ventured into an average American church, he learned something of the real meaning of love, a message he shared in Sydney on the weekend, […]

Dying while bringing sight to the blind

The headline read ‘Taliban massacre big-hearted team devoted to helping Afghans’ and accompanying the written report was a video featuring the widow of one those killed. Before the video plays, on the SMH online site, it is preceded by an advertisement for electric toothbrushes. The team killed in Afghanistan was providing basic medical care, including […]

Love enemies or become one…

I think I’ve worked out why (apart from the obvious world peace and so on) Jesus told us not to hate our enemies, but to love them and pray for them. If you hate your enemies, you will become like them. And then one day you’ll realise you hate yourself. If your love your enemies, and pray […]

Jeffry leaves us far too quickly

One of the last times I saw Jeffry alive was as we gathered around a single candle flickering on the white tiled floor of the children’s home in Bali. It was the first time that I had stayed overnight at the home and, although the home-parents had set me up in my own room with a […]

Dear CheapBranded, thanks for your caring email…

My computer makes a doorbell sound, ‘ding-dong’, that used to be associated with Avon calling but is now better known as Windows default for a new email. A shadowy preview of the new message appears in the lower right of my laptop screen and tells me it is from someone called ‘CheapBrandedViagra’. (Just mentioning the word […]