Into the dark places

As part of Eternity Christian Church’s ChangeMakers conference, Live life Loud, we have heard from two outstanding Christ followers whose actions amplify their words such as they break through fear and complacency to change us.

I listened to Pastor Sharon Wright describe how she is seeking to be God’s person in the NSW town of Condobolin and was deeply moved by the sowing of her life with the love of God. “We are the prophecy,” she said. “God’s love is the reason.”

Captain Paul Moulds of the Oasis Youth Support Network told us we would be made uncomfortable as he took us into hard places in our city. It was sweet sorrow as we heard the horrific stories of broken lives but also felt the grace of God present there.

After laying a platform which is broken humanity, Paul said with knife-like clarity: “The church of God needs to be in the dark places of our city and towns. These are hard places to be, but if we don’t go there, other people will go there with different purposes and intentions. We must be in the dark places.”He told of the night a man brought a 14-year-old girl to the Oasis van as volunteers handed out cups of coffee to prostitutes. The man had been driving around to pick up a prostitute and the girl had gotten into his car, lying about her age, saying she was 16. When he queried her, she admitted she was just 14 and this was her first time at selling herself for sex. Recalling that he had often seen Oasis in that dark place, he decided to take the girl to the van, rather than take advantage of her. He had just enough morality to save her. But only because he knew there was light in a dark place.

What good is the light if it never meets the dark? PH

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