Rage, blood and death on the street

Awake 6.30, cool of the morning
Maragogype coffee beans lure me downstairs
Before returning, cup in hand for my wife
And the first strains of ABC news

Man stabbed and dying in Marion St
Like Heart? Leichhardt? Where I live?!
And the story unfolds as the day does too
Of a man hammered, and chased, and killed 

Between hospital visits
Which is a whole other story
I walk in the bright sun to the spot
Where another human bled and died.

Parents with prams amble by
As do children from school
While two old men in nursing home trance
Stare at the Channel 7 car, satellite dish raised

Can I comprehend that before the heat
There was night, and men angry, raging
In their cars and on their feet
Rushed to steal another man’s life

And the sky is so blue.

What do you think?

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