‘Christian’ Kate wins MasterChef 2011

“What do you think Luke would say about what you’ve put up tonight?” MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan asked winning MasterChef grand finalist Kate Bracks, of Orange.
“He’d say it’s a snowman and it would go pretty well in Orange,” Kate replied.
“Well, it’s an orange snowman too.”
As the central west town of Orange received its moment of MasterChef glory, Kate was intent on crediting husband Luke for supporting her through the MasterChef journey.
When asked about the importance of her children and the challenge of being away from them, Kate explained she could only do this because her husband was “such a great father” and that he kept urging her on.
The judges polished off her dessert which was from the hardest recipe of the world’s number one restaurant, and praised her methodical – perhaps we could say school-teacherly – approach in the kitchen.
Fellow grand-finalist Michael Weldon’s dessert was also praised and he was reminded that his father would be proud. Michael thought his dad would be smiling, “wherever he is”.
The snowman dessert round was the third of the competition and Kate went into it with a three-point lead. From the moment Matt Moran scored Kate’s dessert 9/10 it was clear she was going to win.
The winner’s prize includes training, $100,000 and a cook book deal.
When asked how she felt after winning, Kate said she could faint and was incredibly thankful for the entire experience.
It would seem the prayers of the various Christian communities of which Kate has been and is a part, were successful. (Earlier in the competition Kate came to attention for declining to call the Dalia Lama “Your Holiness”.)
Gary finished by thanking Kate for the great example she is to others and encouraged her to paint Orange “any damn colour you want.”
When Kate was back in Orange during a break in filming earlier this month, the Central Western Daily reports people stopped her on the street to wish her luck, and students at her children’s school asked for autographs and photos.
The Daily Telegraph is presenting a live online chat with Kate Bracks Monday, August 8 at 12.30pm.
Proud editorial disclosure: Kate taught this writer’s son in Year 6 at Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School.

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