Some highlights from Kate’s live online chat today

Hey Kate, Honestly, what did the Snowman desert taste like?
Kate Bracks: Absolutely beautiful, I know it messes with your head that you are using carrot in a sorbet but I think when you are having a dessert made by the best chef in the world it tastes good!
[Comment From Rane Reguson Rane Reguson: ] Well done Kate! Just amazing! I have been watching since day 1 and knew you could win the competition. Very impressed! It was an overwhelming event last night for me and all your other fans. All the very best with your B&B. When does your book get released? And do you have a Twitter or Facebook account? WELL DONE!
Kate Bracks: Book is released about April/May next year.
Not yet back on Facebook but my website is
It is a holding page, so stay tuned for more and you can contact me through it.
[Comment From TRochelle TRochelle: ] Kate, what was your favourite challenge to compete in on MasterChef?
Kate Bracks: When the family came and I had them on set; it will help us going forward and give the kids a framework to talk about so they now what I was going through.
[Comment From Daz Daz: ] Kate, well done, you did a fantastic job. What does your Christian faith mean to you? I am from, a Christian outreach newspaper and would love to publish your testimony – Are you interested?
Kate Bracks: Takes too long to answer here, go to my website and contact me there.
[Comment From JAG JAG: ] Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School were all supporting “our Kate” Congratulations on the win from past students, teachers and school board
Kate Bracks: Thankyou!
[Comment From Guest Guest: ] Congratulations Kate, but how did your kids keep your winning a secret for so long?
Kate Bracks: None of us knew until yesterday,
[Comment From Tim Tim: ] Do you think being a ranga has helped?
Kate Bracks: Definitely – we rule the world!!
[Comment From Tim Tim: ] I hear the Dalai Lama was a big fan. Any chance you’ll convert?
Kate Bracks: Maybe I can convert him!
Comment From Casey Casey: ] Hi Kate, Will you and your family be relocating to do your work experience?
Kate Bracks: No my hope is that some of my experience will be local in Orange, and some of it will be short stints I have to put my family first.

3 thoughts on “Some highlights from Kate’s live online chat today

  1. Thanks for a great demo in Dubbo, is it O.K. for me to put the corn and zucchini fritter recipe in our school newsletter

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