The Presence of God

After community breakfast yesterday I visited the home of a friend, clambered over belongings 60cm deep and took in his joy at his painting on the wall. Earlier he had arrived late for breakfast but we unpacked again so we could chat while he munched on a large bowl of cereal. We prayed for his […]

Fine moments from a free breakfast

Brian*: ‘Oh, and I’ve found Jesus.’ Me: ‘Yeah? That’s great.’ Brian: ‘He was on the corner of Ross St and Pyrmont Bridge Road.’ Me: ‘Mmm, well that’s as good a place as any.’   * named changed for privacy Stories from the ‘sharing our lives’ community breakfast being held at the Booler Centre, Lambert St […]

Unless a tomato falls into the ground…

Lying forlornly in the dirt, like a yellowing tomb slit open, is the remains of an early season tomato from my garden that didn’t quite make it to the plate. Sydney’s unseasonally damp summer has meant the vigorous tomato plant this specimen came from is long gone, afflicted by various diseases and my lack of […]

How full is full?

In John 2 Jesus attends a wedding in a Galilean town called Cana. Like many people at wedding receptions, it seems he took a low profile, perhaps feeling like he was on the edge of the relationships at the heart of the wedding. Besides, celebrations can be hard when a difficult reality is always on […]

Overcoming walls, discerning calls

‘So how do you know if God is calling you into an area of ministry or service?’ the young person asked as we stirred our flat whites at Deus ex Machina. It’s a question you are asked many times as a pastor and it is rarely as black and white as people would like. I […]