Ode to Oak and hungrythirsty…

Hungrythirsty is a not a new idea in fact it’s not an idea
it would be more like a feeling.
When your are hungrythirsty you know you need something more
than a new car, Mad Men on Blueray or free food at the footy
and so you use two words to mask your fear.
I wish I’d seen a bearded lady at the fairground.
Only kidding, but I did grow a beard once, no kisses.
The best thing to kill hungrythirsty dead is the Oak of righteousness
we killed dead and left temporarily in a basement, or tomb as it were.
And that’s why He called himself Bread of Life Living Water –
full strength, full taste, full on!
Nails through his hands but all fingers intact.


Do you know what hungrythirsty is? No. Are you stupid?
My brother is, he’s in a basement.
Hungrythirsty is when you are neither hungry or thirsty
but a bit of both.
And there is only one cure for hungrythirsty and that’s Oak.
With its full strength and full taste it’s full on!
I wish I’d fed my son Oak when he was growing up.
Just kidding, I don’t have a son.
Well technically I do, but he’s in real estate.

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