Huge Chinese mattress hides $US1.4 trillion…

There is no political, social, educational or philosophical quick-fix for human nature. Figures showing the growing gap between the rich and poor in so-called communist China highlight this once again. Despite decades of communist indoctrination and more recently, greater freedoms and openness to world markets, the Chinese people still like to keep money under their mattress […]

Millionaire gives away fortune after pact with God

Sandwiched between the headlines ‘Sex claims: Hey Dad star to see police’ and ‘Drunk charged after trying to revive dead possum’ is the news that a British millionaire is to give most of his empire to charity after making a ‘pact with God’. Albert Gubay was broke and selling lollies in Wales after World War 2 […]

Easter symbolism ‘abounds’ in Sydney

As we approach Easter Holy Week it is no surprise that even secular Sydney is abounding in religious symbolism. Taking pride of place in Martin Place, resplendent in gold and several metres high, is the well-known pagan symbol for fertility, the rabbit. Alongside this touching symbol, I’m sure I caught a glimpse of the post-modern symbol […]

No knee caps

“How are you going today, George?” I ask while standing in line for a meal at the Lambert St Lunch, Camperdown. George is 60ish with long gray hair and unshaven face; is wearing a t-shirt, too-small shorts and joggers and carries his walking stick. “Oh, not that good. I nearly fell over on the way […]