Millionaire gives away fortune after pact with God

Sandwiched between the headlines ‘Sex claims: Hey Dad star to see police’ and ‘Drunk charged after trying to revive dead possum’ is the news that a British millionaire is to give most of his empire to charity after making a ‘pact with God’.

Albert Gubay was broke and selling lollies in Wales after World War 2 when he told God in his prayers, ‘Make me a millionaire and you can have half of my money.’

The devout Catholic has exceeded his side of the bargain, as has God, with Gubay giving to charity all but 10 million pounds of his 480 million pound ($787 million AUD) fortune to charity.

The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation is required to invest about half of the money into the Catholic Church and the rest can be used at the discretion of the charity’s board.

Gubay made his money through Kwik Save grocery stores and Fitness First gyms, both of which he sold before investing in property.

While I doubt God makes bargains like that, he answers prayer and blesses faith and integrity which Mr Gubay seems to possess, along with keen business skills.

Faith, prayer, hard work, gifting and generosity – a great recipe for success. PH

Source: SMH

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