Too close to the river to care

Kenyan pastor Evans Mkala Mage, speaking at Eternity today,  had three points he believed God wanted Australian Christians to hear:

1. This land is a refuge ( he didn’t elaborate but the implications are profound when you consider our history and current issues.)

2. We have been given a great deal but need to live with balance.

3. God loves us so much and we need only to reach out and receive this love.

He told a Kenyan parable to highlight these points.

“In Kenya we have a saying: if you a visit a home near the river they will not have any water. This is because they know the river is near and say, ‘I can go and get water anytime’. If you visit a home a long way from the river, you will find they always have water to share with a stranger or those in need. This is because that know how difficult it is to get water, so they make sure they always have a supply.” We are a people living near the river of God’s goodness and abundance but are in danger of taking it for granted and failing to value our supply and share it with others. PH

What do you think?

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