Life is like a short film

Scene 1: Filmic moment for Jo

We pulled into Civic video and Jo scurried out, barefoot, to deposit the slightly late return. Hopping back in the car, we headed up Norton St, past Bar Italia on one side and Mezzapica further up on the other.

We hit a red light next to the illuminated Leichhardt Town Hall, and the three of us (Rebekah in the back), sat there in the quiet evening, no traffic around, waiting for the lights to change.

“I feel like I’m in a short film,” said Josiah. “Whenever we just randomly pull up at a red light and there’s nothing around, it feels like a scene from a short film,” he elaborates.

We look at Jo. He turns his head and looks at me. The universe blinks. Our light turns green and we continue our journey home.

Scene 2: Sydney is the short film capital of the world

It’s no wonder people are having random short film epiphanies, after all Sydney is the home of Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival.

Thanks to Josiah for providing a spontaneous and authentic introduction to a quick review of the 16 finalists from Tropest 2010.How God Works is not my favourite  – no sign of God, a bit of bad language and plenty of bad manners. If you want the beautiful people dead, you may find some perverse pleasure in it.

Awakening  is a trying-to-be-poignant,  animation and it does pretty well, with a sense of the forlorn competing with victory-at- last. Could just be a metaphor for civilisation. The computer animation is excellent.

Every Second Weekend is a short documentary featuring the sadness of dads separated from their kids through divorce. It gives one side of a story not usually heard and is emotive and raw.

Falling Backwards is a clever re-telling of wife-finds-husband-with-another-woman and takes the husband back to the point of decision where, perhaps, he sees the light. A little explicit.

Fish Lips is a quaint tale of sibling love, Yahtzee and freedom for fish fingers narrated by a goldfish and with a heart warming, if slightly contrived, ending.

My Neighbourhood Has Been Overrun by Baboons is a kind of Jack Black meets Gumby animated rock film clip. It is funny, has toilet jokes and even a slight message. Most viewed at our place so far (ouch…)

Nic & Shauna is an attempt to explore the YouTube phenomenon and the people behind those brief flashes of usually unintended celebrity. It labours, even for a short film, and doesn’t quiet get the timing right for comedy. But, hey, Kerry-anne makes an appearance…

One is a story of loneliness, separation and rescue featuring square creatures with dots. And everyone lived happily ever after.

Shock is the official winner and perhaps that’s why it’s called Shock. No seriously, it’s quite clever and a bit perplexing with a tongue in cheek dedication to Kyle Sandilands. Warning: explicit weeping.

No Dice Hollywood is big on production and ideas but unfortunately very big on the f word and I’m just not into swearing. If you could get an f-free version it would be excellent.

I can see why Stakeout didn’t win, but should have. The judges were probably too cool to acknowledge the overwhelming desire we all have to be Star Wars heroes. “Luke, I am your father.”

Last Roll of the Dice gets the best acting award for me. Absolutely brilliant. A funny take on a bit of a sad place. And it’s very short.

Smoking Will Kill You is definitely one of my favourites. Well acted and produced and a black humour twist on the dangers of smoking.

Did I say sibling love before? There Had Better Be Blood gets us back to where brothers often are, plenty of love and a bit of biff. But the blood is from somewhere completely unexpected.

Testicle gets the most intriguing title award and it is a very funny, oddly animated film which is like a montage of nappy valley life, with a baby boy’s undescended testicle featuring prominently.

Which just lives Happenstance which I really like because I’m a sucker for kindness changing the direction of someone’s life, or death.

I can’t pick a winner, so I may just have to roll the dice… PH

What do you think?

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