Silent Bob while Safran peels Dawkins!!??

Popularising priest, Father Bob, said last night on his Triple J show that he intended not to open his mouth today as Father Bob Maguirehe sat in a studio while co-host John Safran did a pre-recorded interview with scientist Richard Dawkins, the author of The God Delusion, during which Safran intends to peel back the personal layers of Dawkins’ objection to God.

I’m trying to decide what is more unlikely – Father Bob remaining silent, Richard Dawkins revealing any vulnerability of  heart or Safran managing to ask a straight question.

I heard Dawkins interviewed elsewhere recently and in response to a question, he spent about 30 seconds breathlessly describing the wonder of apparent design seen in the run of a cheetah or leap of a kangaroo. Almost as if he had forgotten himself, he did what sounded like a double-take and then added that of course the real surprise was to learn it wasn’t design but evolution that created such beauty. Sorry Richard, you sounded more convincing when describing the sense of design. It was almost as if your right brain was betraying your left. Or maybe it was your spirit.

I hope Father Bob does say something, especially if it’s hilarious and also if he can come out with similar comments as these found on his blog:

I think it’s inhospitable to deny God entry to our company. He’s clearly indicated a preference (known as Jesus) to be part of us rather than greater than us, the reputation which sabotaged divine/human relations from the beginning of humanity’s religious awakening until now.

Not sure I entirely agree with Father Bob’s theology (although I prefer his to Dawkins’) but you can’t deny his ability to get into places few other Christian leaders even dare think of going. PH

What do you think?

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