Giraffe art for Jesus’ sake

Christian themes and characters dominate classical European art. Think The Last Supper, Madonna and Child and a thousand other amazing images. And while the treatment and frequency of Christian themes may have changed, artists of all kinds still find themselves returning to the universal impact of the Christ narrative.

A recent example is Jaye Early’s Giraffe Jesus (pictured) which featured at the recent opening of Monstrosity Gallery.

Perhaps he drew his inspiration from the oddly (some would say blasphemously) named ‘Jesus was actually a giraffe’ Facebook page which suitably has a meagre 24 followers. (Jesus has a couple of billion more…)

What this shows, once again, is that whether you are Madonna, or Lady Ga Ga or Salvador Dali or some attention seeker on Facebook, Jesus cannot be ignored. As a result, his name and story are often used for ulterior motives – artistic attempts are the least of our worries in that regard.

So before we feel too much heat about a young artist depicting Jesus as a giraffe, let’s be glad that Jesus is still being discussed and worry more about how we portray Jesus in our daily lives. 

As for Monstrosity Gallery, it is a new contemporary art space ‘nestled between debauched Kings Cross, beautiful Woolloomooloo Bay, and Sydney’s CBD, just 4 minutes walk from the world-famous Art Gallery of NSW’.

‘We are dedicated to championing the cause of young emerging artists working in painting, sculpture, illustration, new media, photography, jewellery, wearables, installation, street art and everything else, by supporting them and bringing them to the attention of the general public.’

For the record, Jesus made giraffes, but is actually the Son of God. PH

What do you think?

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