Fairer chocolate and quicker check ins!

Catching up: I had my first enjoyable taste of Fairtrade Cadbury’s chocolate today.

Cadbury’s hoped to have all their chocolate in Australia and New Zealand certified by Easter and I have finally caught up on Mother’s Day (thanks Aud!).

The move by Cadbury’s in Australia and New Zealand to seek Fair Trade certification is expected to triple the volume of Fairtrade certified product currently sold. It will mean that farmers in Ghana, where Cadbury’s source their cocoa, will benefit from a guaranteed minimum price (or higher) for their cocoa. This could result in an additional AU$500,000 for these communities. Well done Cadbury’s! Let’s hope that other mainstream chocolate-makers do the same.

Forging ahead: I had the pleasure of startling flight attendants on Friday when I was an early adopter of mobile phone check-ins.

Sitting in my motel room late Thursday evening, I was wondering how I could do an early on-line check-in without access to a printer. Right at that moment (there is a God!) I got a marketing email from Virgin Blue, announcing they had just begun mobile phone check-ins. I quickly visited their site, received a SMS a link to a bar-code which displayed on my phone. This was later scanned at the departure gate, allowing me to board the plane.

Staff were suitably impressed and I did my best to look like I’d being doing such things all my life. However I was so sleep deprived that when one attendant asked me how the mobile process had gone, I spoke two strange non-words, convincing her, I think, that I spoke only Czechoslovakian. My moment of technological dominance was dashed to the tarmac. Nevertheless, it was very convenient. Well done Virgin Blue. PH

One thought on “Fairer chocolate and quicker check ins!

  1. Well Peter so glad our chocolate for Mothers’ Day made so much of a good impression and also helped you to make valuable comments here. Have a good day today! Aud

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