Jesus brought into climate change debate

Tony Abbott is in trouble for telling Adelaide school students on Friday that the climate was warmer ‘at the time of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth’ than now. Scientists have retaliated by saying there is no evidence to suggest it was hotter 2000 years ago.

The president of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Kurt Lambeck, said true scepticism was fine, but required looking at published data with an open mind.

‘To make these glib statements to school students, I think, is wrong. It’s not encouraging them to be sceptical, it’s encouraging them to accept unsubstantiated information.’

What is substantiated is the existence of Jesus. In fact, of the two historical figures mentioned by the Opposition leader, there is far more ancient documentary evidence for Jesus than Julius.

One ancient manuscript that helps attest to the accuracy of the New Testament and reality of Jesus - the Magdalen Papyrus (P64) now dated at sometime between 30 and 70 AD.

Typically, some of those commenting on this report (SMH) are doing exactly as Tony did when they ‘glibly’ dismiss the historicity of Jesus without considering the evidence.

Jesus is referred to in numerous ancient texts aside from the Bible.

Also, the New Testament itself is supported by more ancient manuscripts than most other texts from that era which we are happy to accept as being accurate. Check it out for yourself:

Jesus, archeology, theology and the Bible
Ancient New Testament Manuscripts
Historical references to Jesus aside from the Bible  PH

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