Another falling person in Lambert St

P: ‘He was tall and thin with black fuzzy hair.’

C: ‘That’s right, his name was Hawk and he was visiting someone on the ninth floor.’

He didn’t fly like a hawk this time, unfortunately

P2: ‘You know he drove to the flats before jumping. Who does that, drives somewhere to jump?’

Too many

C: ‘He landed face down out the front. Just missed the cars.’

P: ‘I tried to walk over to get a closer look but the cops stopped me and asked what I was doing. I said, “f—ing trying to see if it is one of us, I can tell just by looking at the clothes.’

Many only have a set or two around here, it’s true

C: ‘For a while no one knew who it was and the word was it was G from the 10th floor.’

Oh God I can’t bear that thought… It’s okay, it wasn’t him… breath

K: ‘I was walking home from the shops when I saw the police and ambulance and then I noticed the body. I ran inside and closed the door. Something must go in their mind to do this.’

Frail 91-year-old ladies should not have to deal with this… I’m not really dealing with this. I feel sick…

C: ‘There was such a thud when he hit the ground that G2 came running out on the second floor to tell them off for making such a racquet.’

P: ‘Makes you want to think about doing it yourself, all the nonsense that goes on.’

C: ‘There’s more to life than death.’

Go for it C

P2: ‘I actually thing this is the best housing department block there is. I’m talking about the people… Especially since G3 has settled down, he’s not on anything now, not even smoking.’

P: ‘I helped sort him out. I might be small but I’m tough.’

There’s no doubt about that, not that there’s much of you left. I’ve always felt a connection with you which I’m sure is a God thing…

C: ‘Yeah, but you’re friends now, right?’

C: ‘What about the woman who jumped off the sixth floor a few weeks ago. Got up and walked away with just a broken arm.

P: ‘Yeah but I hear she is doing worse than that.’

C: ‘Probably internal injuries. It was the trees that saved her.’

P: ‘Yeah and she was a big woman too.’

Just another Tuesday in Lambert St… My head hurts. PH

4 thoughts on “Another falling person in Lambert St

  1. I’d like to know more Peter. Just walking and you see these things. Bless you constantly man. God is using you to bless others. Audrey

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