Resurrection or the spider web

The offer is resurrection. The cost is everything. The alternative is a different kind of more of the same; a spider web of possibility in which the more you struggle the less you become.
The worse thing you can do is choose comatose and linger on in a half life, rallying your machines to stave of the change that matters. Death in all its living forms is never easy, we find life just so ingrained.
If there was another way, He would have said so. He searched for it in the garden, but found what He knew already, ‘Unless a seed…’.
You and I know it too but pride and fear gather in shadows around our thinking, fighting hard for they would die also. Be done with the troublesome pair!
Death is not disappearance. He doesn’t want us vanished any more than veneered. It is, in life, a complete laying down, patiently done, in readiness for a magnificent bestowal, undeserved but gratefully and gradually received.
It will take the ‘right to say I’m wrong’ and the ‘weak to say I’m strong’, but either way, today might just be the right time… for our resurrection (‘back where we belong’). PH

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