Fake men, lots of kids and not enough housework…

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The Opera House was a dangerous idea in its time and so it is fitting hat it hosts the Festival Ideas of Dangerous Idea in early October.

Having argued that there is no more Dangerous Idea than Jesus, let’s check out a few of the less dangerous ideas under consideration at the festival: Are all men fakes?; Why the religious will inherit the earth; and Australian husbands are the worst in the world and why it’s women’s fault.

Oh, and at the end of the story, check out my ‘Biblical perspective’ on the ‘dangerous ideas’ covered…Are All Men Fakes? is the title of Steve Biddulph’s session in the Opera House Studio, October 2, 3pm. ‘Most men don’t have a life. What they have is an act. What we call our self is a mask we clamp on our faces every morning and don’t drop until we fall asleep at night. Why is this the case?’ asks Steve in his introduction to the session.

‘Masculinity isn’t just a state, its being part of a group and a tradition, and that tradition began breaking down two hundred years ago. Today boys don’t see enough men, we don’t initiate them into manhood, and the result is that many men – including our leaders – have just learned to fake it. They have no depth, no core to themselves. We can’t trust them. Being a real man means being loving, connected, and putting the service of others first. How we can make real men, in time to save the world from impending catastrophe, is the challenge. Real men have never been needed more.’

If you think this is an idea worth more thought, attend Steve’s session or check out his books, The Secret of Happy Children, Manhood, and Raising Boys – all best-sellers.

Why the religious will inherit the earth is Eric Kaufmann’s session in the Opera House Theatre, October 3 at 11am (while most of the religious are in church…). Eric’s basic premise is that the more religious you are, the more children you have while ‘secular’ birth rates have plunged.

‘His theory will come as somewhat of a shock to the rising tide of New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who have convinced many western intellectuals that secularism, is the way forward,’ says the introduction to Eric’s session.

When his book  Shall the Religious Inherit The Earth? was published in the UK, it was greeted with this newspaper headline, ‘Atheism is doomed: the contraceptive pill is secularism’s cyanide tablet’.

Funny thing how God’s simple plan of loving relationships in the context of family is more powerful than the might of western technology and intellectualism. If you have a van full of kids, why not take them to the session and turn it into a joyful Sunday School picnic…

Finally, the most dangerous idea of all is Rebecca Huntley ‘s session,  Australian husbands are the worst in the world, and why it’s women’s fault, which is on in the Opera House drama theatre, October 3 at 11.15 am. My suggestion – husbands, take the kids to the ‘inherit the earth’ session so your wife can hear how bad you are at the ‘worst in the world session’.

But seriously, the premise is that as women have moved increasingly into the workforce the proportion of domestic work undertaken by men has not changed in response. Apparently Rebecca has talked to lots of couples about this but I wonder if she talked to the religious people above who are having all the children… Anyway, it turns out it may be women’s fault for letting the men get away with this lack of housework.

If you are man who does the cooking and his share of the cleaning, you might like to attend Rebecca’s session and mess with their minds!!

And the Bible’s take on these ‘dangerous’ ideas:

  1. Many men and boys do fake struggle with meaning, purpose and depth because of the lack of loving male figures in their life but in the long run, there is one great Father whose face we can all look into and find a true reflection of who we are meant to be.
  2. The meek (humbly dependant on God) will inherit the world, not the outwardly religious, no matter how many kids they have. It’s Whose child we are, not how many we have that is the pivot of history.
  3. And Christian men should not be on Rebecca’s hit list, after all they are commanded to ‘love their wives as Christ loves the Church’ which means not only doing your share of the housework, but being prepared to give your very life for the wellbeing of your wife… 

What do you think?

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