One stop site for Australian Christian news

Australian Christian News is a convenient way to catch up with news from a Christian perspective.

While it includes some breaking news posts of its own, the best feature of ACN is that it contains daily news feeds from some of Australia and the world’s best Christian news sources.

In an easy to navigate display, visitors to ACN can see the top stories from sites such as Christian Today Australia, Christian Post, Christianity Today, Eternity newspaper, ABC Religion and more.

Twitter feeds from some of the world’s most incisive Christian commentators are being added and if you have a news source that you believe should be added, you can email your tip to ACN.

A quick sample of some of the stories that can be accessed on ACN right now include:

  • Fearful teen commits suicide due to end of world prediction;
  • Christian Microfinance stays on mission;
  • Justine Bieber Jesus tattoo
  • Libyan leader ready to talk to rebels
  • Rick Warren interviewed by John Piper
  • The Bible comes to Canberra
  • Anglicare warning on budget
  • Latest on Christian school issues

And from the Ship of Fools Twitter feed, some news bound to bring joy to Presbyterians everywhere, or not…

Visit Australian Christian News now and bookmark it or make it a favourite in your browser today.

If you have a news item that you would like published on ACN, please email it.

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