Good Anzac

While leaders erred their courage held Bloodied birth waters for a young nation Anzac Day. Not so far from there a crowd yelled Bloody minded in their mob betrayal Good Friday. Quiet days that soar still on our modern calendars Far places weighing on our clever consciences Calvary and Anzac Cove say, ‘Not my will, […]

And then there was a flag… followed by a polite pirate

We wonder if Sydney’s inner west resident flag-marcher will be out and about today after Australia’s great win in the second test in South Africa. He was first spotted on the eve of one of Australia’s Rugby World Cup games, spreading national fervour around the intersection of Crystal St and Parrmatta Rd. When photographed, he […]

Repentance baffles secular Australians

Repentance is a world rarely heard outside of a Christian or other religious gatherings and so it is no wonder Australian journalists have matched it with terms like ‘puzzling’, ‘scratching their heads’ and ‘bolt from the blue’ when reporting Papua New Guinea’s first Day of Repentance held today. True, the public holiday for Repentance Day […]

Perry perched on precipice of prayer

You’ll hear more and more about Rick Perry in coming days and most of it will be bad. Not to say that he is bad, but being a conservative Christian who is demonstrative about his faith and running for US president ensures he’ll get plenty of bad press. Maybe he deserves it, but don’t believe […]

Offending sculpture creates spiritual precedent

A court order for the destruction of a sculpture that is spiritually and culturally offensive to Aboriginal people creates an important precedent for other people of sincere religious or cultural conviction offended by “works of art”. A NSW court has ruled the 8.5-tonne stone sculpture of a Kimberley Aboriginal spirit figure must be pulled down. […]

One stop site for Australian Christian news

Australian Christian News is a convenient way to catch up with news from a Christian perspective. While it includes some breaking news posts of its own, the best feature of ACN is that it contains daily news feeds from some of Australia and the world’s best Christian news sources. In an easy to navigate display, visitors to ACN can see the […]