Outrage of public ‘marking’ of athlete contrasts with deathly ‘marking’ of Mosul Christians

A highly-paid athletics coach publicly criticises a highly paid athlete, in the midst of our wealthy country’s medal spree at the Commonwealth Game. Massive media space is devoted to expressions of outrage and an attempt to understand how this could happen. The coach, Eric Hollingsworth, is ‘stripped’ of his Commonwealth Games credentials and stood down […]

Atmosphere brings distortion but also life

‘Images of the eclipse show a crisp lunar horizon, because the moon has no atmosphere that would distort light.’ Atmosphere brings distortion but it also brings life. The moon may pose beautifully for photos but you wouldn’t want to live there. So often the very things that bring potential for distortion or confusion or chaos […]

Something’s happening in Ukraine

Something’s happening in Ukraine Yet the pictures don’t make sense Seems some tourists must be visiting Hope the locals don’t take offence I see them lolling among sunflowers I see them resting where they lay Surely frolicing in green fields Or dropping by for a farm-stay Now they climb aboard the green train More sightseeing […]

Love over information

It’s the information age and big data is going to save us and the more we know the higher we will rise, don’t you know? Or perhaps it’s just that we want to prove we know more than the next guy, that we are in the know, in style, across the game, up with the Joneses, not missing out. […]

Peace on earth, good will…

Peace on earth? Don’t tell me there’s a book, blog or documentary pope, priest or commentary that will make it alright Can’t yell me to believe in stronger  legislation better educate them to take away the fright I’m not going for no positive reinforcement expert’s free endorsement to mitigate the sight 22, Chenpeng children, kitchen-knife […]

If we throw away the Way, where will we go?

Please, don’t throw away the Cross. By all means throw me away – my vain words, my frail actions, my petty sacrifices, my faint witness. Walk away from religion and the trappings of institutions; the rules of men and the practise of aggrandisement. Call to account the priestly paedophiles, the pastoral pilferers and the plastic prophets. Reject listless nominalism, […]