Petition takes on Channel 7 over Good Christian Bitches

Since the recent Utterance post highlighting Channel 7’s promotion of 2012 series Good Christian Bitches during the grand final of X Factor, a backlash has developed, mainly aimed at the name, with a petition on The petition was begun by Carol McFarland and at time of writing had been signed by 2,445 supporters. Carol’s reasons […]

John Cleese’s favourite joke

Monty Python‘s fish slapping skit (below) was described by John Cleese, speaking on Seven’s Sunday Night program, as the silliest skit the comedy group ever did. But when it came to the funniest joke, he offered this, towards the end of the interview: ‘How do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans…’ He was […]

The Slap hits TV and may assault your senses

The television adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’ 2008 novel The Slap is about to screen on ABC 1 and while it is a best-selling book in Australia and beyond, many of the television viewers will be encountering the story for the first time. The Slap is an explicit novel – explicit in its treatment of nearly every bodily function […]

Mr Blue Sky brightens Target’s commercials

I’ve seen a few online forums among the younger generation pondering the origins of the song currently backing Target’s Australian television commercials. After extensive remembering, and despite the doubts of various family members, I have correctly identified the song as none other than the Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr Blue Sky (from Out of the Blue, […]

Marriage beliefs unchanged as public debate moves

Most of the media coverage of the current debate over marriage-law portrays anyone who advocates for retaining marriage as it is, as a bigoted Neanderthal. The reality is that many people have long and deeply held beliefs about marriage that were formed long before there was any debate about its fundamental nature. They didn’t wake […]

Perry perched on precipice of prayer

You’ll hear more and more about Rick Perry in coming days and most of it will be bad. Not to say that he is bad, but being a conservative Christian who is demonstrative about his faith and running for US president ensures he’ll get plenty of bad press. Maybe he deserves it, but don’t believe […]